Field guide for Eucalyptus globulus plantations released

Bluegum plantations

IPMG/Murdoch University researchers, Mamoru Matsuki and Francisco Tovar, have just published a new field guide for use in Eucalyptus globulus plantations.

The guide contains information collected over a decade of research, in Western Australian and Green Triangle plantations. User-friendly and photograph-based, the field guide contains pictures of all the main pests, diseases and nutrient disorder likely to be seen in blue gum plantations.

A novel aspect of the guide is that many aspects of its overall design and content were the result of consultation with plantation foresters – the end-users. As such, and with non-experts readers in mind, the guide contains a number of user friendly features:

  • It is printed on waterproof paper for greater resilience in the field
  • It is mostly photograph based (+ 400 photographs of pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies). Many species are new or previously undescribed
  • Colour coded sections allow for rapid navigation to different sections within the guide
  • Photo-based keys of main pest groups, diseases and damage symptoms enables quick navigation to the corresponding sections in the guide
  • Double-page spreads to illustrate similar or related pests or diseases (minimizing page turning)

While aimed at foresters working in the blue gum industry in mainland Australia, it is hoped the field guide proves useful to foresters, farmers and environmental groups in other regions and growing other eucalypt tree species.
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