Research projects

The IPMG is constantly evolving and adapting its research depending on industry needs.

Some ongoing research and program areas include;

  • Setting up cross-company and estate-wide monitoring and surveillance programs in WA and Green Triangle
  • Developing cross-company web-based pest and pathogen databases
  • Trialling the use, efficacy and effects of bio-insecticides on pests and beneficial predator species.
  • Investigating the use of parasitoids for the effective bio-control of Gonipterus scutellatus
  • Biodiversity, distribution and phenology of insect herbivores and their natural enemies in plantations.
  • Identification, distribution and presence levels of the main pathogens occurring in plantations.
  • Relationships between insect population levels, the levels of damage caused and productivity in plantations.
  • Temporal and spatial variation in the environment and its effects on abundance of pests and diseases.
  • Trialling selective chemical spraying.
  • Reducing pest and disease levels through silvicultural management.

If you would like to collaborate with the IPMG please contact us.

Research opportunities

There are currently no specific research opportunities available.

However we are always open to proposals and looking for new collaborative opportunities.

If you are insterested in sustainable forest health management and would like to participate or propose new areas of research please fell free to contact IPMG.