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Eucalypt plantation

FWPA provide significant boost to the IPMG

Under a five-year program, that commenced in June 2018, Forest and Wood Products Australia will facilitate matching IPMG member company’s contributions with Commonwealth Government funds to enable effective delivery of Applied Research and Extension for the plantation industry, particularly in WA. The additional funds will allow the IPMG to provide the capacity to enable multi-party coordination of regional or national scale applied R,D&E projects from project development, through to funding, implementation, reporting, extension and industry adoption Expected outcomes of the implementation of an IPMG coordinating position will be: Improved coordination of industry-led collaborative R&D projects with greater commercial relevance Improved R&D operational [...]

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International collaboration for Eucalypt weevil biocontrol

In 2017 the IPMG partnered with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), BiCEP Alliance, Forestry South Africa, IPEF Brazil, Murdoch University, and Forest and Wood Products Australia to investigate a model system for the discovery and development of biocontrol agents against forest pests. As one the most important herbivorous insect pests affecting Eucalyptus plantations, the project is using Gonipterus weevils and their associated parasitoids to develop the model system. Historically only one species of weevil; Gonipterus scutellatus was thought to be involved. Recent studies however, have shown that G. scutellatus was misidentified and that a number of different Gonipterus species [...]

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Bluegum plantations

Field guide for Eucalyptus globulus plantations released

IPMG/Murdoch University researchers, Mamoru Matsuki and Francisco Tovar, have just published a new field guide for use in Eucalyptus globulus plantations. The guide contains information collected over a decade of research, in Western Australian and Green Triangle plantations. User-friendly and photograph-based, the field guide contains pictures of all the main pests, diseases and nutrient disorder likely to be seen in blue gum plantations. A novel aspect of the guide is that many aspects of its overall design and content were the result of consultation with plantation foresters – the end-users. As such, and with non-experts readers in mind, the guide contains a [...]

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IPH mobile software development continues…

The IPMG plantation health software - IPH mobile is compatible with any hand-held device based on the Windows Mobile® 6.5 platform and below. It is designed to assist foresters working in the field to record a variety of plantation health related activities that they commonly undertake in Eucalyptus globulus plantations. Recent developments now allow foresters using IPH mobile to record population numbers of target pest species (such as chrysomelid and weevil species). Clicking the Population Survey button on the Plantation form brings up the Record Population form. The form has 4 tabs (Details, Pest, Counts and Photo). Clicking on a tab brings [...]

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person using hand held device with IPH software

IPMG Plantation Health (IPH) software test!

The IPMG is pleased to announce that its Plantation Health (IPH) software will be launched and tested during this 2011-2012 spring/summer season. The software will allow foresters to quickly and accurately record pest and disease outbreaks in the field, including recording GPS co-ordinates and photos. The project instigated and coordinated by the IPMG is a collaborative effort involving expertise from the CRC for Forestry and the CRC for Biosecurity. A workshop will be held in the last week of October for all IPMG members to learn how to use the software. The workshop will include: Tutorial on using “Plantation Health” Software [...]

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forest of eucalypts

IPMG at international entomology conference

IPMG researcher Francisco Tovar recently attended the "3rd combined Australian and New Zealand Entomological Societies Conference" held at Lincon University in Christchurch, New Zealand. At the conference Francisco presented a poster outlining the IPMG's work towards developing a collaborative plantation health monitoring system for the entire Western Australian plantation estate. Some highlighted projects included: development of standardised rapid surveillance methods development of mobile-device software to easily record pests and diseases in the field development of a web-based database of pest and disease records in Western Australia You can download a copy of the poster 'Technology and collaboration helping improve eucalypt plantation pest [...]

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Eucalypt forest

New Members IPMG website launched!

With sustainable management as its core objective the IPMG continues to encourage best practice integrated pest management (IPM) strategies for the whole Bluegum plantation industry. One way to encourage good IPM practices is to facilitate the availability of research and information regarding pests and diseases. To this end the IPMG has just launched a member's website which aims to become a one-stop portal for foresters to access a variety of information and services including: Current and past research trial reports Publications and conference presentations Current best-practice pest and disease management notes Newsletters Access to regional plantation health databases For further information eligible [...]

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