IPMG Plantation Health (IPH) software test!

person using hand held device with IPH software

The IPMG is pleased to announce that its Plantation Health (IPH) software will be launched and tested during this 2011-2012 spring/summer season. The software will allow foresters to quickly and accurately record pest and disease outbreaks in the field, including recording GPS co-ordinates and photos. The project instigated and coordinated by the IPMG is a collaborative effort involving expertise from the CRC for Forestry and the CRC for Biosecurity.

A workshop will be held in the last week of October for all IPMG members to learn how to use the software. The workshop will include:

  • Tutorial on using “Plantation Health” Software
  • Tutorial on rapid survey methodology
  • Tutorial on recognition of common pests/diseases
  • Field visits to 3 different age class plantations

For further information on the software please contact us.


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