IPH mobile software development continues…

The IPMG plantation health software – IPH mobile is compatible with any hand-held device based on the Windows Mobile® 6.5 platform and below. It is designed to assist foresters working in the field to record a variety of plantation health related activities that they commonly undertake in Eucalyptus globulus plantations.
Recent developments now allow foresters using IPH mobile to record population numbers of target pest species (such as chrysomelid and weevil species).
Clicking the Population Survey button on the Plantation form brings up the Record Population form. The form has 4 tabs (Details, Pest, Counts and Photo). Clicking on a tab brings up different forms used to record a variety of data, in particular:

  • The name of the forester entering the data
  • The compartment/GPS coordinates of where the damage is observed
  • Pest species of interest & whether or not a sample was taken
  • Tree heights, levels of defoliation damage and numbers of insects counted (adult, juvenile, eggs) on each tree measured
  • A photo of the pest being counted

All population data collected in the field using the mobile software can be easily synchronised and accessed on desktop PCs via the IPH desktop application which is compatible with Microsoft Access® version 2007.

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