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The guides and books below may aid with the identification and management of forest or plantation health issues in your region.

Guides & Books



  • Diseases and Pathogens of Eucalypts (2000) P. J. Keane, G. A. Kile, F. D. Podger (editors). CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, Victoria.
  • Insect pests of Australian forests : ecology and management (1998) H.J. Elliott, C.P. Ohmart and F.R. Wylie. Inkata Press, Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Nutrient disorders in plantation eucalypts (2001) B. Dell, N. Malajczuk, D. Xu and T.S. Grove. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra, ACT.
  • Nutrition of eucalypts (1996) Peter M. Attiwill & Mark A. Adams (editors). CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, Victoria.


Western Australia

  • Field guide to common pests and pathogens in Eucalyptus globulus plantations (2010, in preparation) Mamoru Matsuki, Francisco Tovar. CRC for Forestry - IPMG, Western Australia.

South Australia

  • Insects, Diseases and Deficiencies associated with Eucalypts in South Australia (1996) Charlma Phillips. Primary Industries, South Australia.



  • A Field Guide to Plantation Health Surveillance in Victoria (2008) D. Smith, I. Smith and N. Collett. Department of Primary Industries, Melbourne, Victoria.



  • Tasmanian Forest Insects and Their Host Plants: Records from the Tasmanian Forestry Commission Insect Collection (1990) R. Bashford. Forestry Commission Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania.
  • Insect Pests of Trees and Timber in Tasmania (1985) H.J. Elliott , D.W. deLittle. Forestry Commission Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania.


New South Wales

  • Field Guide to Common Pests and Diseases in Eucalypt Plantations in New South Wales (2002) Angus Carnegie, State Forests New South Wales, Sydney, NSW.


  • Healthy hardwoods; a field guide to pests, diseases and nutritional disorders in subtropical hardwoods (2008) A.J. Carnegie, S.A. Lawson, T.E. Smith, G.S. Pegg, C. Stone, J.M. McDonald. Forest & Wood Products Australia, Melbourne, Victoria.


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