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Listed below are various databases that may be of use in the identification of pests and pathogens affecting eucalypt species.

Databases & online catalogues

Australian National Insect Collection Database
The ANIC database currently contains records of more than 410 000 specimens from over 40 000 sites across Australia and nearby regions. This however is only a small portion of the 11 million specimens held in the collection.

PaDIL - Pests and Diseases Image Library
Catalogue of high-quality colour diagnostic images and information on pests and diseases. Both, species already present in Australia and exotic threatening species are shown.

Australian Faunal Directory
Catalogue of taxonomic and biological information on all animal species (including pests) known to occur within Australia.

What bug is that?
Online key to insect families produced by CSIRO through the Australian National Insect Collection

Australian insect common names (AICN) database
A CSIRO produced catalogue of common names used for insects in Australia and their corresponding scientific name

Western Australian Insect Collection Database
An online searchable catalogue of the WA Department of Agriculture Insect Reference Collection

Interactive Catalogue of Australian Fungi
Bibliographical and taxonomic catalogue of Australian macrofungi.

Biogeographical information catalogue of +100 species of macrofungi.


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