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Field guide released!

IPMG/Murdoch University researchers have just published a new field guide for use in Eucalyptus globulus plantations. It contains information collected over a decade of research, in Western Australian and Green Triangle plantations. User friendly and mainly photograph based it contains pictures of all the main pests, diseases and nutrient disorder likey to be seen in bluegum plantations...
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Plantation mobile software development continues...

New functions for the plantation health software IPH mobile will tested over the course of spring-summer 2012/13. The software now allows foresters to record insect population numbers for targeted pest species. This data is essential for the industry to continue on its path towards integrated pest management (IPM) ...
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IPMG set to test "Plantation Health" software

During October a prototype of software for hand-held devices will be launched by the IPMG. The software will allow foresters to more effectively report the presence of pests and diseases in plantations. The project involves expertise from the CRC for Forestry and the CRC for Biosecurity...
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NEW members website launched to improve information delivery to industry!!

One way to encourage sustainable pest management practices is to facilitate the availability of research and information regarding pests and diseases. To this end the IPMG has just launched a member's website which aims to become a one-stop portal for foresters to access a variety of information and services ...
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IPMG presents at international conference

Recently IPMG researcher Francisco Tovar attended at the "3rd combined Australian and New Zealand Entomological Societies Conference" held at Lincon Unversity in Christchurch, New Zealand. At the conference Francisco presented a poster highlighting the ongoing development by IPMG industry partners of a collaborative plantation health monitoring system for the entire Western Australian plantation estate ...
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