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IPMG Pests and Pathogens Database - (currently under construction)

The IPMG database contains up-to-date records of pests and pathogens affecting common plantation tree species in Australia, that have been cited in reports and publications or reported by plantation managers.

  1. Data held for particular pests or pathogens varies depending on the information available but includes: A detailed description, including high resolution photos Damage caused Ecology, including distribution, host species and phenology List of records and risk area maps Management notes including, recommended pesticides, biocontrol agents, silvicultural options, etc.
  2. The database is fully searchable by; host species, susceptible tree parts, type of damage, region found, month commonly encountered and plantation age.
  3. A full text library of relevant references is also available to members through the database.

If you would like to register to have access it please contact the IPMG research scientist.

Note that data available to different users may vary. Only IPMG members have full access to information held in the database. If you would like greater access, would like to become a member of the IPMG or simply collaborate with the IPMG, please contact the IPMG research scientist. How to use the Database



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