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This website was conceptualised by the IPMG committee and edited and designed by Francisco Tovar with the assistance of Jajo Graphics.

The work and information presented is largely based on eucalypt pest and pathogen research conducted in Western Australia by IPMG researchers Andrew Loch, Mamoru Matsuki and the tree health research group at Murdoch University. Namely; Treena Burgess, Bernie Dell, Giles Hardy and Francisco Tovar. Other notable contributors have been James Bulinski (formerly Timbercorp), Dan Wildy (formerly ITC), John Edwards (APFL), John Majer (Curtin University) and John Mathiessen (CSIRO).

To highlight other relevant research and widen the scope of the information contained in this site, reports and links to sources other than the IPMG have been included in the website and/or database. Where possible these sources are clearly stated throughout. Permission for use of any material has been sought from and granted by the relevant parties. Any omissions are purely unintentional and will be happily addressed by contacting the IPMG research scientist.



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